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Pre-conference SHORT COURSE for free

COMPLETER.NET on behalf of SMARTRONIX and CALCULEX invites all conference participants to attend the pre-conference SHORT COURSE for free. The standard IRIG 106-17 Chapter 23 on MDL / Metadata Description Language has been publicized this summer: don't miss the opportunity to attend to the first Short Course on the new standard!

Special Sessions 2018: AIM² and ICTS

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Flight testing is the most critical and time- and budget-consuming phase of aircraft development. Within a short time reliable performance data of the new airframe have to be gathered; this includes structural, aerodynamic and flight mechanic parameters. Advanced optical measurement techniques such as those developed within the collaborative project AIM² (Advanced In-flight Measurement techniques 2, funded by the European Commission contract no. 266107) are able to deliver such data after a very short time, and in addition can minimize the installation effort on the airframe compared with classical measurement techniques. Furthermore they work mostly non-intrusively and are able to capture a large amount of important data in an area or over a volume at one instant of time.

The specific session Advanced In-flight Measurement Techniques will focus on the presentation of the latest developments of such optical methods. Participants will get a good overview on what is possible with these measurement methods and will be able to discuss with specialists about any important issues concerning these techniques and their applications.



The ICTS General Session, sponsored by the IFT’s International Consortium for Telemetry Spectrum (, will cover potential threats to the life-blood of telemetry: RF Spectrum. Telemetry professionals, providers, and customers should monitor these threats closely and take action as needed to ensure that the needs of the greater telemetering community are reflected in international and domestic regulations and policy.

The ICTS, founded in 1999, is a non-profit organization sponsored by the International Foundation for Telemetering. The ICTS was formed to facilitate international information exchange between telemetry practitioners and promote the benefits and enhancement of the electromagnetic spectrum for telemetering applications, especially Aeronautical Mobile Telemetering (AMT). The ICTS has enjoyed notable success in both augmenting telemetry spectrum plus raising the awareness of, and resistance to, spectrum encroachment problems directly affecting the telemetry user community.


ETSC Open Meeting

The ETSC has been set-up on May 18, 1994 during the European Telemetry Conference ETC´94 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. The foundation process has been supported by the corresponding US-organisation known as Telemetering Standards Coordination Committee (TSCC), sponsored by the international Foundation for Telemetering.

The ETSC was chartered under the binational sponsorship of the organisations SEE (club 17) with AAAF of France and the AK-TM with DGLR (panel T 6.1 „Telemetry and Communication Transmission“) of Germany. Further European organisations are welcome to participate. A first draft proposal of the ETSC-Charter was prepared until July 20, 1994. During ETC´96 on May 20, 1996 the third draft version of the charter has been finally approved.

Registration for the Conference

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Registration fees

Special fee for Presenters and Chairmen at the European Test and Telemetry Conference ettc2018.
For all three days, only 450 € incl. VAT.2)

 Registration for 
 Regular   EST Member *   Bavarian Dinner 
250 € 1)
240 € 1) ---
 27.6.2018 250 € 1) 240 € 1) 80 € 3)
 28.6.2018 250 € 1) 240 € 1) ---
650 € 2) 600 € 2) ---

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*) EST Member - European Society of Telemetry Member

Included services

1) Regular participation

  • Participation at the ettc2018 conference
  • Program 
  • Admission to the SENSOR+TEST 2018 and the ettc2018 exhibition
  • Coffee break and lunch at the respective conference days

2) Regular participation

  • Participation at the ettc2018 conference
  • Program 
  • Admission to the SENSOR+TEST 2018 and the ettc2018 exhibition
  • Coffee break and lunch at the respective conference days
  • one ticket to the Bavarian Dinner

3) Bavarian Dinner

  • bavarian buffet and drinks are inclusive


Click here to register directly at the SENSOR+TEST website

Supporting Organizations

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt - Lilienthal - Oberth e.V."
(German Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics)





Program Committee

Mr. Alain Mimeau MBDA
Mr. Alberto Rolando Politecnico di Milano
Mr. Christian Carel Thales
Mr. Christian Herbepin Airbus
Mr. Damien Roujas ATR
Mr. Didier Schott Ariane Group
Mr. Florent Christophe ONERA
Ms. Genevieve Campan CNES
Mr. Gérald Escriva Safran
Mr. Gerard Caille  
Mr. Gerhard Mayer GVM 
Mr. Gilles Fréaud Airbus
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Mr. Jean-Luc Issler CNES
Ms. Karen von Hünerbein Lange Electronic
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Ms. Marie-Laure Boucheret ENSEEIHT
Mr. Philippe Birr SOPEMEA
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Mr. Pedro Rubio Alvarez Airbus
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Mr. Sergio Duarte Penna Embraer
Mr. Steve Lyons  Qinetiq